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Carl Gerard Simmons – Celebration of Life

Submissions from friends and family.


Written by Ben. 

Our deepest sympathy to Tom, our condolences to Carl’s family. 

In your mind and heart we, Gerard and I , are with you. 


We’re sad because you passed away. We cherish the memories. 

Memories as many as:

You, in person as a gift at a surprise party of a mutual friend

You, being my personal guide at my first visit to New York City

And later on with Gerard: a better guide than you one cannot wish for though we couldn’t keep up with you because of your enthusiasm !

The surprising presence of you and Tom at our wedding in the Country Estate of Broek in Waterland, near the City of Amsterdam.

Carl, you and Tom, Gerard and I: our mutual visits, sharing our passion for the cities of New Amsterdam and Amsterdam, their historic relation, our love for music and food.

Our friend from across the ocean, with your warmth we were surrounded. We thank you for your generosity. We’ll miss you! 

“Brief is life but love is long”. 

In love and friendship we are and remain connected

This is how we keep remembering you, dear Carl. 


Sudden Death ! A poem by Dr Anthony Bowen!

The lost of a life is hard to accept !

After all we are human and not an object ! Death will come we must respect it ! 

Don’t even think you can neglect it ! 

You cannot hide from death and reject it ! 

It is silent that you can’t detect it ! 

It will surprise  you cause you wont expect it ! 

It’s part of life yet hard to morn the loss and accept it ..! 

After all ! We are all God’s subject ! 

Dr. Anthony Bowen, DBA

Dear Gisele, Robin, Ahmed, Andrea, and family,

Our hearts are heavy as we remember our friend Carl.

We hold wonderful memories of Christmas celebrations at Gisele’s, sharing laughs, gifts, and great food.

Please know that you are in our prayers and are asking that the Lord will comfort you in your time of loss.

He is as close to you as your breath so just whisper his name whenever you feel in need of his love and peace.

Mom sends hugs and kisses.

Love always,

Acevedo Family

The first time I met Carl many moons ago he told me he visited Finland in 1981 and while he was in Helsinki he participated as an extra for the movie Reds. We could not stop laughing about the fact that he was the ONLY African American playing a white Russian soldier in the movie !!!!

When ever I visited NYC, Carl and I would get together and every single time was very special. He was one of the most helpful travel advisors I have ever worked with and helped me with coverage if I was away. He was also my dance partner at any Tzell festivities ! 10 years ago he surprised me and flew to Rhode Island for my surprise birthday party.  I will miss my friend terribly.


I met Carl 33 years ago through a mutual friend and we clicked immediately.  The times we met were few and far between but he was like a big brother to me.  You can imagine the sadness and shock when I heard of his passing.  RIP Carl you are and will be missed.  You certainly left a hole in the world.  My love, warmest wishes and strength to Tom and your family.


My name is Glenn. I had the privilege to know and love Carl for over 30 years. We shared so many wonderful experiences with family and friends. In fact, he adored my 90-year-old Mom and she loved him as well. She used to refer to him as her son in law. Before my Dad passed, Carl’s relationship with my him was loving and full of humor. My entire family loved Carl. He touched so many lives. Carl brought so much to our relationship in the form of music, cooking, and travel but, most of all, he brought ADVENTURE into my life. For that I am eternally grateful. Carl, I love you and will miss your presence in my life. 
Love, Glenn